adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott

After a decade of collaborating, adidas and the ingenious fashion designer, Jeremy Scott release the new adidas Originals. There are seven sneakers to look forward to in this Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals footwear collection, including the most popular JS models; “famous bear.” This collaboration is one of the most successful mergers ever and continues to be today. The newest model, “Money” Wings 2.0 looks like it might take the place of the most popular model.

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“Money” Wings 2.0 marks the 10th Anniversary of the classic winged sneakers which sparked the thriving collaboration with adidas.  This limited model seems to have some extreme hype and we can see why. This sneaker features dollar bills printed throughout the upper and wings. Rather than the traditional American one dollar bill, Jeremy Scott artistically replaces George Washington’s face with his. In this collection, you will find new color and fabric combinations which matches flawlessly with the sole.

The other two releases are “Zebra” and “Checkered,” which are pretty original. After falling in love with the “Leopards,” Scott desires the next most loved animal print. The Zebra model features a soft striped fury black and white upper and an extended tail from the heel in replacement for the pull tab, giving it a realistic zebra theme.

The name “Checkered” utterly describes this next shoe. The classic JS model features wings in black and white checkerboard patterns. We have three of the seven sneakers releasing  from the Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals footwear collection on Tuesday, October 15th.


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