Air Trainer Max ’94 Premium QS “Madden NFL 25”

Well, we guess if there are two things everyone loves it would be sneakers and the Madden game franchise. Someone somewhere was listening and decided the two would make a perfect pair. Announced just four weeks ago, people have been going nuts over these Air Trainer Maxes that pay homage to the 25th installment of the legendary video game series. Are you surprised though? Nike’s famous basketball retro has always been a hit regardless of collaborations, which only seem to sweeten the deal even further.


Probably the most notable thing about these kicks is the glow in the dark outsole, maintaining that green hue even when they aren’t in action. This sits below a black midsole that encases the visible air unit in the heel. The upper features a black toe box and tongue, grey mud guard and two different colored overlays on the midfoot area. The lateral side of the midfoot feature reflective overlays while the arch side keeps the grey theme from the mud guard going strong. Another standout moment on these shoes is the gradient swoosh, which adds a perfect bit of personality to the upper. Because EA Sports are the guys who brought you the video game in question here they obviously have worked in some branding. In this case it’s the tongue that gets to wield the company’s logo in lieu of their own branding in the same spot. These drop on September 21st  for $150, and if the hype around these things holds true then they probably won’t be here much longer than that. 10am in-store and 11am online.


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