Bodega x Saucony Elite Shadow 6000 “African Print” Pack

Boston-based retailer Bodega’s newest addition to its ongoing collaboration with Saucony Elite turns up in the build of the Shadow 6000 silhouette, in not one, but two unique print colorways. These special-edition Saucony fuses the uppers of a Shadow 6000 to the off-white midsole of a Shadow 5000, mixing full-grain premium suede and graphic pattern nylon throughout its upper.



Other details of the kicks include a perforated suede toebox, plus grey and green suede paneling at the heel. But the real show-stopper here is the uniquely printed nylon midfoot, which is said to have been inspired by Kente Cloth from Ghana. The Bodega x Saucony Elite Shadow 6000 “African Print” Pack comes in either a navy upper/gum outersole/grey laces or burgundy red upper/olive outersole/beige laces. Already sold out at Bodega, these shoes, like all Saucony Elite collections, have been produced in extremely limited quantities, so get yours before they’re gone.

The Kente Cloth is local to Ghana in Western Africa. It is hand woven in wooden looms and comes in a multitude of colorways, designs, and patterns. Wearing the Kente Cloth is a sign of royalty, typically associated with Kings. Ghanaian Mythology has it that the Kente Cloth was inspired by a spider woving its web. Two friends studied the spider, mimicking its actions. After much patience and deliberation, the two friends were able to create the original piece of Kente Cloth. The same amount of thought and precision was put into the Bodega x Saucony Elite Shadow 6000 “African Print” Pack. Just like the two friends, Bodega and Sacony worked together to carefully craft a shoe with minute intricacies only comparable to the spider’s web. A collaboration truly fit for a king.

The Bodega x Saucony Elite Shadow 6000 “African Print” Pack will be available this Saturday, September 28th, at 10AM EST in-store at UBIQ Walnut, and online at 11AM EST (pending availability) at for $110.


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