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M.I.A.’s New Pop Sound?

Yesterday, former Indie Queen M.I.A. previewed “Come Walk With Me,” the first single off her forthcoming new album Matangi, which after many fake threats to leak, finally looks like it’s going to drop on November 5th. The song starts off like an easy-breezy new wave track highlighting the singer’s voice over a faint instrumental and hand clap background before escalating into that familiarly repetitive electro beat, cutting in and out of effects over M.I.A.’s jittery vocals. Unlike her older material which jumps right into drum loops, the softer intro lead-in almost makes it more inviting to listen all the way through to the fast tempo of the full song, perhaps giving it a bit pop appeal. Hmmmm, will M.I.A. get regular radio airplay? Guess we’ll have to find out in November along with her stalled documentary about the album. Here’s to finishing.