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Reebok Kamikaze II “Acid Rain”

One of the most exciting hoops stars of the 90’s is continually celebrated with every new release of the Reebok Kamikaze II but this Halloween version has taken an exciting form with “Acid Rain.” These stylish kicks were once worn, in original form, by SuperSonic’s player, Shawn Kemp, in his prime but this drop only shares a skeleton of the same shoe. The glow-in-the-dark panels has another aspect and adds another dimension to the Reign Man’s Kamikaze series. The “Acid Rain” will be available at UBIQ, in-store and online starting Friday, October 25, 2013.

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Reebok x Garbstore “Inside Out” Pack

Reebok teamed up with UK-based retailer Garbstore to create this distinctive new version of their classic silhouettes. Dubbed the ‘Inside Out’ pack, Garbstore took an experimental approach to materials, placing those that are usually seen on the inner lining for the outer shell of Reebok’s iconic shoes. Of the Reebok x Garbstore “Inside Out” Pack, we got the Pump Fury and Classic Leather 600. Get your hands on a pair of these limited edition shoes at UBIQ Walnut or at or online shop here.

Reebok Pump Paydirt Mid “Florida Gators”

On his way to the NFL draft and his very decorated, Hall of Fame career with three Super Bowl championships with the Dallas Cowboys in the ’90s, Emmitt Smith was a Gator at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. At the Swamp, the accomplished running back had an equally bright career with three All-SEC teams, the SEC Most Valuable Player award, unanimous first time All-American honors in 1989, and he broke the school’s all-time rushing records. To recognize this Hall of Famer, Reebok has designed the truest rendition of a “Florida Gators” palette, to date. The Reebok Pump Paydirt Mid “Florida Gators” will be available at UBIQ starting Friday, October 18, 2013 for $125.

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Reebok – Shaqnosis “Escape from LA”

The Shaqnosis debuted way back in 1995, but as of late it’s been getting quite a lot of attention again. This time around, Reebok has chosen to use the iconic shoe to illustrate a key event in Mr. O’Neall’s career. As you probably guessed from the title, we’re talking about when Shaq fled the Los Angeles Lakers to seek refuge with the Miami Heat in 2004. While we feel that Kurt Russell’s 1996 escape from the same city may have been a little crazier, the fact remains that this was a milestone in basketball history. The Reebok Shaqnosis “Escape from LA” will is available at UBIQ now, both in-store and online.

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Reebok Shaq Attaq ‘Big Shaqtus’

Pop Quiz! When did Shaquille O’Neal play for the Phoenix Suns? Bet you didn’t even remember that he was down in the sunny Phoenix, Arizona dessert for one season, unless you’re a Suns fan. Diesel played for teams like the Orlando Magics and the Los Angeles Lakers so Phoenix often gets out-shined with you think of Shaq’s career history. Well, Reebok is setting the record straight, reminding us of the 467 days that Shaq spent sweltering with the Suns during the 2008-2009 season, with the Reebok Shaq Attaq ‘Big Shaqtus’ which is set to release tomorrow for $160!

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