Concepts x Asics Gel Lyte III “Three Lies”

Did you know that the Concepts x Asics Gel Lyte III “Three Lies” wasn’t actually inspired by Boston’s rich history, but rather an urban legend? Nicknamed the “Three Lies,” after the famous John Harvard statue aka the “Statue of Three Lies” because of all the inaccuracies inscribed on it (the truth is here on Harvard’s blog). In addition to it’s misquotes, the landmark has been said to bring luck to those who rub the toe box of his shoes, causing the statue’s shoes to turn from copper to gold. Judging by the color on those shoes, many have been cheated of a fortune.

thumbs_asicsconcepts_gellyte3_01 thumbs_asicsconcepts_gellyte3_03

One thing’s for sure hoewever, is that these GLIII’S are truly a sight to behold as attention to detail on these shoes on point. The “Three Lies” are made of a premium suede and perforated leather upper, with Concepts taking the color-blocking to to a whole other level using palettes of navy and teal with matching speckled laces to to give them an oxidized feel, embellished by gold toe box, all sitting atop a crispy speckled midsole. We can’t guarantee any lottery winnings or duffle bags of cash dropping your way if you cop these, but putting them on your feet will look like straight money.

Try your luck on the Concepts x Asics Gel Lyte III “Three Lies” this Monday 9.16.13 at UBIQ Walnut where they’ll be available in-store only for $150.


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