Air Griffey Max 1 & Air Veer “Safari Pack” Releasing 9/7/13

Tomorrow we get the new Air Griffey Max 1 & Air Veer “Safari Pack”, the latest kicks to rock the beloved safari-motif. While Nike hasn’t really linked the two together, they are referring to it as an “Informal Safari Pack” on the blog, because you know they love to run themes even when they pretend they aren’t. This year seems to be big on that print though, as we’ve already seen it on the Air Foamposite One and Air Griffey Max 360 amongst a plethora of others.

Right now we’re dealing with Griffey’s pivotal 1996 debut, released at a time when he was surely on his way to the top, before a string of injuries slowed him down. The mudguard area of the sneaker incorporates the finely detailed grey and black safari print, while the rest of the nubuck upper stays in all-black. Two key contrast points rest in this black area though; a larger swoosh that creeps from the right side of the vamp to the toe box that uses the same grey from the safari pattern, and a number 24 with small swoosh on the tip of the ankle strap which standout in a loud atomic red. The outsole again utilizes the atomic red coloring before blending into a metallic midsole that encase the visible air pockets.

The other shoe in this “Informal Safari Pack” is the classic Air Veer. Originally Buffalo Bill Bruce Smith’s professional shoe, it took on a life of its own and was run in just about every color way imaginable during its prime. Oddly, it took Nike up until this July to even reissue them at all, but it’s good to see them hustling and making up for lost time. For this edition, the cross trainer’s upper is an all-black leather and nubuck mix that sits on a matching all-black mid and outer sole. The safari print enters the scene for the signature cross straps, which stem from the midsole and wrap around the whole shoe before meeting at the top of the vamp with a nice black swoosh.

Both the Air Griffey Max 1 and the Air Veer safari boys will be available in-store at UBIQ Walnut at 10AM tomorrow, while Air Veer will be released on at 10:30AM. Swing by early and check these things out.


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