Air Jordan V “3Lab5”

It’s a big year for the Jordan V. To honor 23-year old model, Jordan has been giving it a bunch of shine via releases such as the “Fire Red” and “Fear”. They’ve definitely outdone themselves with the “3Lab5” though, taking the classic Elephant print that first debuted in 1988 for the Air Jordan III and bringing it to the V for the first time ever. Part of the The Air Jordan Elements collection, a brand new series of Jordans brings their iconic patterns and design elements to shoes that never featured them in the past. As the most legendary of all Air Jordan design elements, Elephant print made for a obvious starting point for this new creative endeavor. This is sure to be an instant classic, even if it took them a whole bunch of years to get around to it, better late than never.

The 3Lab5 is the first of many from Jordan Brand’s latest premium Elements Collection which is about claiming ownership of the design elements introduced (or in some cases popularized) by the Air Jordan line. The collection pinpoints these design milestones by creating a periodic table of elements based on each Jordan model’s contribution to the sneaker world, each assigned a corresponding number. For example, the Elephant (JB chemical compound “El”) featured on the 3Lab5 would be element number 3, because its origin was the Air Jordan III in 1988. The idea is to tell the story of each element by applying it to another classic Air Jordan model and shining a spotlight on its place in sneaker history. Element 3 has been showcased on the Air Jordan V, hence the designation 3Lab5. The Elements Lab is not about creating Fusion models, it’s about education.


Details of the 3lab5 includes a molded one-piece section that covers the majority of the upper, featuring a full blown Elephant print wrapping around the entire shoe. Black laces compliment the print and the outsole, while the Gamma Blue accents from the midsole come back for the Jordan logo on the tongue. A grippy translucent outsole makes the foundation of the “3Lab5,” sitting right underneath a smooth black midsole. Resting within the black are splashes of a Gamma Blue and a visible Air Unit in the heel.

On the inside of the tongue sits a periodic table tab showing an acute attention to detail even where most won’t ever see. An added bonus for the “3Lab5s” is the packaging; they feature an astral printed holographic box that makes sure they’ll stand out even when stored in the closet.

There’s no science behind how great these will look on your feet, on your Jordan shelf – pick up a pair of Air Jordan 3Lab5 this Saturday at UBIQ Walnut for $225.


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