Nike Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove”

One of the greatest trash talkers in NBA history is yet again making his presence known with the Nike Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove”. Gary Payton took pride in getting in his opponent’s head. He enjoyed twisting their words, getting personal, and telling the greats how much they really sucked. He even talked Jordan into a loss once or twice and swears John Stockton was a tougher match-up. Aside from his verbal assault on the NBA from 1990 to 2007, Gary was one hell of a defender. He was so good that his opponents coined the nickname, “The glove,” as a sign of respect. Nike showed their respect by giving Gary Payton his very own signature sneak and even letting him play a large role in the technology and design.

The Nike Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove” embraces an unconventional way of “lacing it up”. Think of “The Glove” as exactly what it’s nicknamed…A Glove! The basketball  shoe is covered by a stylish, sock-like upper, which was the first of its kind. A diagonal zipper goes up the sleeve encasing the ankle and laces. Zipped up, the shoe is simple. Most tend to rock the shoe unzipped with the outer-layer folded down. Once unfolded, you’ll find the exoskeleton of  a mostly mesh shoe with a university red monkey paw on the side. The “monkey paw” on the ankle gives life to the shoe’s technological abilities.  Using five red stands, aka the “monkey paw,” “The Glove” grips the ankle to prevent twisting. Nike knew Payton never taped his ankles and figured they’d make a shoe that did it for him. They also added some padding on the inside to really capture that retro feel while providing extra ankle support and comfort. UBIQ will have the black, white, and university red colorway this weekend.

The Nike Zoom Flight ’98 “The Glove” will be available for $145 at UBIQ Walnut this Saturday, October 5, 2013 at 10AM EST.


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