2016 Nike Basketball All-Star Collection

Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Paul George and LeBron James have officially set their sights on Toronto and the All-Star game. Representing the East and West, respectively, each will showcase pinnacle performance shoes inspired by the city’s royal origins. Decorative badges commemorate individual player achievements while metal, leather and embroidery further embellish the limited-edition footwear. The Nike All-Star Lebron 13, KD8, and Kobe 11 Elite will be available at UBIQ Thursday February 11th at 10AM.


The LEBRON 13 features a grey-green upper — reminiscent of the neutral tones of Toronto’s winter — with graphic blocking similar to the KD8. An icy, marbled effect covers the outsole heels of James’s game shoe while pins honor the player’s on-court triumphs.

3J6A9217 copy 3J6A9218 copy


Modern blocking, inspired by the classic look of flags spotted throughout Toronto that represent the city’s internationalism, brings a fresh graphic twist to the KD8’s Flyweave upper. Removable patches adorn the heel and tongue, and a white and light blue marble graphic, which references Toronto’s icy winter weather, decorates the outsole.

3J6A9221 copy


A sleek black upper with a glowing green pop is a nod to the luminescence of the Northern Lights. Unique molded leather detailing on the heel and tongue gives the KOBE 11 new dimensionality.

3J6A9225 copy 3J6A9227 copy

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