Air Max Day Is Upon Us

Happy Air Max Day! As you know today marks 27 years since the release of the first Air Max, and with it came a revolution in the sneaker game. Literally a window to the sole, the visible Nike Air cushioning forever changed how Nike designed running sneakers. So in celebration of Air Max Day on this exact date in 1987 when they debuted, Nike’s got a brand new Air Max 1 “Air Max Day” releasing to keep you bubble lovers happy. And just to show our affection/obsession for this beloved Nike model, we’re dippin in our personal stash at the UBIQ vault, and showing off some heat.

Air Max 90 InfraredAir Max 90 Infrared Release Year: 1989 – This shoe above needs no introduction. In the long line of classic runners, the “Infrared” Air Max 90s are timeless, considered to be one the greatest of all times and in some sneakerhead’s eyes – untouchable. Regardless, Nike has retroed these favorites several times, some with updated materials and even did a “vintage” version. Does something so divine need to be left alone to bask in it’s original form, or do you keep repeating history to let the youngins’ know? For those of you who own a pair of Infrareds, does copping for the second time around feel as good as the first? Only one way to find out.

Air Max STAir Max St Style# 104010-100 Release Date: 1992 – Originally released in 1992, this Air Max silhouette isn’t one of the most popular models but it is distinguished by its tear drop shape visible Air Max Unit and remains a great runner nonetheless. Featuring a comfortable mix of materials (that heather grey jersey tho!) and appearing in its OG colorway, this trainer is def set to have some of you reminiscing about the good ‘ol days… Can it be that it was all so simple then?

Air Max GS (BGS)Air Max Grade School (BGS) Style #153056-140 Release Year: 1992 – Check the translucent Swoosh and mesh panels on the side and back heel. Kids get all the fun stuff, man.

Air Max LeatherAir Max Leather Style# 18783 Release Year: 1992 – Nike’s Air Max 1 has been released in a variety of colors and fabrics, each combination making it one of the most sought after shoes. Originally released in ’87, the first “retro” of the Air Max 1 came in 1992, this time using leather instead of the OG nylon version. See what had happened was Nike used the soles of the Air Max 90 to save money on production of this shoe, so thanks to this efficient tidbit the mismatch of the upper and sole makes this edition high in demand to find.

Air Max 1 - 1988 (2)Air Max 1 Style# 2378 Release Year: 1988 – Notice the different colored soles on the toe tips. This may have been the moment Nike realized a kick in the face was a real marketing opportunity.

Air Max 1 - 1988Air Max 1 (Women’s) Style# 2479 Release Year: 1988 – Word to the wise. If you have vintage Air Maxes, don’t try to wear them out – matter of fact don’t even put them on your feet. Unless you want to find out what a visible Nike Air unit blowin up under you feels like. Just take a look at our other pair. Yeah… that guy doesn’t work here anymore.

Air Max 1 - 2000Air Max 1 Style# 604139 Release Year: 2000 – One of many retros. Can you blame ’em? The Air Max 1 silhouette also remains a go-to shoe for collaborations. Only time will tell if/when a UBIQ version…

Air Classic BW Air Max Classic BW Style# 104001-050 Release Date 1991 – These Air Max Classic BW may not be as iconic as its Air Max counterparts but still deserves to be listed among them. First appearing as the Max ’91 or Max IV, they were renamed for their rerelease to ‘Big Window’ Nike Air Max. On top of the “big” additions, the bigger silhouette also screamed more attitude, but this hallmark colorway – that ‘Persian Violet’ – is a 1991 OG that looks just as pristine as it did nearly a quarter century ago. Damn that’s a long time ago.


Well that wraps up our Air Max show-and-tell. Time to put them back in the secret stash spot. Will you be copping any, or wearing yours on Air Max Day? Show us on Instagram with hashtag #UBIQToTheMax and we’ll include on and repost our favorites of the day. #HappyAirMaxDay!

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  1. […] Sure, the leather’s lusters are gone. So too is the midsole’s pristine appearance. But there is something inexplicable about how an old pair of sneaker resonate with you, especially when its been long forgotten by everyone else. So for today’s Air Max Day celebration, Philadelphia-based retailer UBIQ unveiled its Nike Vault and some of the Air Max within it. While most have deteriorated beyond wearability, a few withstood the test of time. Most surprising was the number of Air Max 1 variants Nike put out over the last 27 years. Need a refresher course on your kicksology? Then take a tour down memory lane on UBIQ’s website. […]

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