UBIQ Interviews A$AP Ferg (Video)

Last Thursday A$AP Ferg made a special visit to Philly to play an intimate crowd for Heineken Green Room. PA-native Jasmine Solano opened up with a trapped out DJ set and other guests blessed the stage with their presence – namely A$AP Addie, Marty Baller and Philly’s own Lil’ Uzi. The UBIQ crew was up in the balcony attaining #TrapLord status, but also putting in work with a pre-show backstage interview. Paul and Ferg caught up on their Harlem Days (Paul was manager at atmos NYC), while Catzie was challenged on her cooking skills. Check the interview and video below to see what else Ferg had to say about the talents of the the Millenial generation, Asian hip hop culture plus, his new soon-to-be-released album.

Catzie: Your dad owned a crazy boutique in Harlem –

Ferg: Oh Ferg Apparel. Yeah that’s my dad’s boutique.

Catzie: Did any of his ambitions inspire you?

Ferg: Hell yeah. Just the way I was raised, my father was a working man who did a lot for his community. He was a family man, and I got to see him successful. Enjoying the nicer things in life – living in Jersey, in a nice house, driving a Benz – you know the materialistic stuff and taking care of his family. That’s what my dad was. He also did the Andre Harell logo, the Bad Boy logo and he helped Phat Farm with their cologne. So I was able to see that and witness that as a child.

Catzie: Who’s more important to Harlem, Big L, Camron, or Diddy?

Ferg: That’s hard because everybody played a role in Harlem. Big L, he was the lyricist, he spoke to the people. Diddy gave us our confidence, and Cam’ron was just like the unorthodox one, you never knew what he was gonna do but you loved him, he was an entertainer. I feel like everyone played a major impact on me.

Catzie: We’re gonna play Marry one, Fuck one, Kill one: Mecca, FUBU, Pureplayaz.

Ferg: Imma knock PurePlayaz right off the box, I never heard of that. FUBU I wasn’t allowed to wear because my father had Ferg Apparel so I had to wear that. Mecca, I had a couple velour suits.

Catzie: Who are you into fashion-wise right now?

Ferg: I will always have to say Ralph Lauren because Ralph never gets played out, he’s never tryna to follow trends. He’s a lifestyle persona. He’s not into fads or fashions, hes just into imagination and you wanting to live out the character you wanna be.

Catzie: You on the Keith Ape “It G Ma” Remix (with Father, Dumbfounded, Waka Flocka), your scene in the video which recently came out in the summer – are you really into Korean BBQ or was that set up?

Paul: Yo that’s a sensitive topic right there! Me being Korean, I’m right next to you!

Ferg: Even if you wasn’t Korean bro, I fucks with it. I’ve been feenin for that shit. Like we were really eating the ribs, but beef ribs though, I don’t fuck with the pork, but we was fucking with the ribs though. You know how to cook?

Catzie: Yeah, you tryna come to my house? So in terms of how you got introduced to the song, ‘cuz forreal I didn’t realize dude was Asian, and when I saw the video that he wasn’t speaking English. What are your thoughts on the language barrier in crossover hiphop?

Ferg: I fucking love the language barrier shit. I went to Japan – Shobuya and Osaka – and I sang Hood Pope, and they was chanting that shit like it was the hit that got me there. Know what I’m sayin, it was a B-side record. And it wasn’t because they knew the words or knew English, it was because they knew the sound, how it made them felt in their soul. That’s when I knew that music was impacting – and it was powerful.

Paul: What makes you get in the morning and say I’m gonna go this hard? Because you’ve been around the world and inspired tons of young kids and they love you, so what inspires Ferg?

Ferg: These new kids that don’t give a fuck. Just coming out and making music. They don’t know how to play an instrument but they know how to play the best way they can and it’s like a new sound. They might be playing the guitar upside down, but that shit is a new sound. And they feel it and they record it and put it out. Those are the kids that inspire me – the 14-year-old kids that didn’t study anything, didn’t study nobody, I studied Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder – but these kids they just know whatever’s in their head. I look out for those kids, the 12-year-olds in their mama’s house and their neighbors banging on their doors because they’re making too much noise. Those are the kids that get me excited about music.

Paul: I knew Ferg from the atmos world and Harlem shit, so whats on your rotation? What is Ferg rockin?

Ferg: You could see what I’m rocking right now. I got a London BBC shirt on, cut off Dickies, I got some green Vans on and I got an icy ass chain with some grills. You can see I’m very simple. Shout out to Team Adidas.

Catzie: Wassup with an album or a single?

Ferg: Album is coming soon, we talking about in like the next two months. The album is sounding crazy, and I know a lot of artists say their album sound crazy, but this album is retarded. If somebody say that don’t like this album, they just straight hatin’. I’m not being biased, if I thought it was wack, I’d keep working on it. You know the whole thing about the album shit, we was supposed to come out with a A$AP MOB album. That shit never dropped, we dropped two singles, we dropped Twelvyy record and Nast record Trillmatic, and then the album never dropped, because we felt like it wasn’t good enough. Then Rocky dropped his album, but like if I knew that shit wasn’t gonna drop, I woulda dropped an album. All my fans were waiting so that’s when I started dropping all those freestyles, I dropped Ferg Forever the mixtape to show the fans what I’ve been up to. But this album is the album that the label’s gonna be behind and put some muscles to make it what its supposed to be. This album I’m OD excited about, I couldn’t do no better on this album.

Paul: That’s why I respect you, you put all this time and energy into visual. And with Trap Lord, you put merch, you packaged everything together.

Ferg: As an artist, we appreciate that. Me being a true artist, I mean I graduated from art and design high school where like where I majored in art and creating shit, so I’m a real artist. I spend time on music and I’m real technical and shit, when some people just doing it for the money. But when some people can appreciate the art, that’s what I go for. That shit is all I need, that shit is the biggest award I could ever get. That’s what pushes me forward.

Don’t hate, be on the lookout for A$AP Ferg’s single coming out very soon. Thanks again to Heineken, Daniel for photos and JL on video.

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