UBIQ x Brooks Heritage Fusion “Reserve”

Partnering again with heritage running shoe company Brooks, we knew we were dealing with high-quality product. Using the Brooks Fusion, a 90’s vintage silhouette with a lot of body, this shoe provides a sleek balance between stylish sophistication and distinguished comfort. Taking note of the meticulous process of wine-making, the shoes are given handmade feel with premium perforated leather and nubuck suede while the white midsole gives it a clean finish and co-branded cork insole tops it off. The upper wine-inspired colors take on deep luscious reds and crisp elegant (off) whites, pairing well with the rich navy panels and waxed laces – in the city of Philadelphia what else goes better with red and white than blue? Front outer mudguards get a 3M treatment, cause you know, it’s 3M. For variety, an extra set of silver-tipped red laces are included with the shoes, boxed in oak graphics.
The UBIQ x Brooks Fusion “Reserve” is limited and will be available for $130 at UBIQ Walnut and this Saturday July 10th at 10AM EST.
UBIQ-Brooks_02 UBIQ-Brooks_03 UBIQ-Brooks_04 UBIQ-Brooks_05 UBIQ-Brooks_06 UBIQ-Brooks_07

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