Reebok – Shaqnosis “Escape from LA”

The Shaqnosis debuted way back in 1995, but as of late it’s been getting quite a lot of attention again. This time around, Reebok has chosen to use the iconic shoe to illustrate a key event in Mr. O’Neall’s career. As you probably guessed from the title, we’re talking about when Shaq fled the Los Angeles Lakers to seek refuge with the Miami Heat in 2004. While we feel that Kurt Russell’s 1996 escape from the same city may have been a little crazier, the fact remains that this was a milestone in basketball history. The Reebok Shaqnosis “Escape from LA” will is available at UBIQ now, both in-store and online.


The “Escape for LA” begins with a black nubuck upper, mixed in with tonal snakeskin leather streaks. The swirl patterns that adorn the sides are an eclectic mix of purple, yellow, black, and red. By using these seemingly mix-matched colors they’ve managed to shout out both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat in one swoop, representing Shaq’s power move. A yellow stitched Shaq logo rests just above the toe cap and on the heel just below the tab. Stitched Reebok branding dresses the grey mesh and black snakeskin tongue in purple, while red stitched branding hits both sides of the foot just before the black midsole kicks in. The whole shoe sits atop a complimentary non-marking purple outsole. They’ve put Hexalite technology throughout the bottom, with a heavier focus on the heel and less in the front so as not to compromise your game and keep you comfortable cruising the streets. The inside of the shoe features a grey mesh liner to keep your heel locked into place and keep the sides of your ankle cushioned.


The Reebok Shaqnosis “Escape from LA” is available at UBIQ now, both in-store and online. Regardless, here’s Snake, mid-escape from LA.



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