FILA // Rise of the Independents: Episode 05: UBIQ

A lot of people like sneakers. After all, who doesn’t dig getting their hands on a dope new pair of kicks? Then there are those who love sneakers–like, really, really love them. They’re “sneaker aficionados,” if you will, and can quote info on an obscure pair of classic kicks the way a sports nut can rattle off stats about some long forgotten game.

And then there is an even further level of sneaker buff: those who transform their knowledge of sneakers from a hobby into a career. FILA is celebrating in its new profile series Rise of the IndependentsIn 12 installments, FILA and Complex will be showcasing the independent retailers across the nation who have each taken their passion for sneakers and turned it into a business that’s been built from the ground up. Here is our very own Paul Lee, UBIQ Brand Manager and Buyer, in their 5th episode giving viewers a taste of UBIQ and why sneakers have captured the devotion of so many people across the world.


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