Ewing Guard Pack and Ewing 33 HI

NCAA champion. Eleven time NBA All-Star. First NBA basketball player to form his own footwear brand. I mean, what hasn’t Patrick Ewing done? But somehow the BIG man did it again. Even after rebounding 11,607 basketballs during his NBA career, Ewing continues to put up an All-Star caliber effort. So add another rebound to the stat sheet as Ewing Athletics brings back the classic silhouette from 1990. This pack is headlined by the Ewing Guard Retros with an extra treat in the form of the Ewing 33 HI. Ewing Guards come in “Sunflower” and “Prince Blue” while the Ewing 33 HI comes in white with a classic gum bottom. The Ewing Guards and the Ewing 33 HI will be available at UBIQ Walnut this Saturday and online.

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