That Mutombo Game (Yes, We’re Playing It Again)

Remember when Old Spice created the “Dikembe Mutombo’s 4½ Weeks to Save the World” Mutombo game, that hilarious 8-bit video game where Dikembe Mutombo is the action hero whose adventures consisted of weekly missions based on current events to save the world from destruction? Although it was originally released on December 21st (which according to the Mayan calendar was the end of the world), we decided to bring it back again, to bide our time while we await the release of the adidas Originals Mutombo which drops this Saturday 8.24.13 10AM at and UBIQ Walnut.

Yes the Mutombo game is relatively simple, as you fight flying bananas and ask talking bears with sweaters for advice — but the real dilemma is will we get any work done the rest of the day? *Finger wave*

Does this Mutombo game match up to the liveliness of the adidas Mutombo shoe?

First released in 1993, Dikembe Mutombo’s signature shoe with adidas returns 20 years later looking as fresh as its first debut. With its signature African-inspired pattern, bold colors and sky-high cut, the Adidas Originals Mutombo is a shoe that has been on many sneakerheads’ re-release wishlist.

Mutombo Game adidas Basketball Shoe

Be sure to check back with us on Saturday for the release of the adidas originals Mutombo basketball shoe, available at and UBIQ Walnut at 10AM. Check out the full adidas Mutombo post here.


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